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Chroma Hardware

Designed for Style.

Engineered for Excellence.

Chroma Hardware is designed for style and engineered for excellence, delivering luxury, elegance, innovation and trend with our collection of quality and specialty hardware in a wide range of designs, styles and finishes. Chroma Hardware desires to fill the void in the luxury hardware market in Saskatoon and throughout North America by providing specialty hardware with an unprecedented quality of craftsmanship and innovation that will allow you to be the trendsetter in home and industry design.

Founded in 2004 and located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, Chroma Hardware desired to grow internationally by expanding their operations into the Canadian market in 2019. As a joint Chinese-Canadian company, our customer base is global with contracts and customers from The United States, Eastern Asia, Australia and Europe.

With a 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant, we directly manufacture and supply our customers and clients without the hassle of delayed, lost or misplaced orders and shipments due to third party suppliers. You deal with us directly, giving us a distinct advantage in customer service and satisfaction.

Our showroom houses our extensive product line, displaying our vast capabilities of metal fabrication of common materials, including, but not limited to, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. You will see and feel our products, firsthand, in their final stage of completion in our showroom, and discover the difference quality makes. Chroma Hardware products will last, guaranteed!

For all your specialty hardware needs, whether you desire door hinges, name plates, outlet covers, cabinet hardware, rods or brackets, our fabrication processes are extensive and include: cutting, drawing, folding, extrusion, punching, stamping, shearing, arc, MIG and TIG welding, along with machining (turning, milling and drilling).

For metal finishing, we do anything – hot dip/electro galvanizing; mechanical/electro/vibratory polishing; brushed metal; sand blasting; metal grinding; electro static coating; electro/vacuum plating and anodic oxidation.

To satisfy all your residential, retail, and industrial hardware needs or for any custom or white labeling project, Chroma Hardware endeavors to provide you with exquisite craftsmanship on every project, with stringent attention to detail; We will guarantee your satisfaction.

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